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1Cuvana Electronic Cigar

Cuvana Electronic Cigar

The Cuvana electronic cigar is one of the strongest options available in the market today—a must ... Read review

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2PRESIDENTE Electronic Cigar

PRESIDENTE Electronic Cigar

The Presidente simply blew me away to the point I ordered 3 more since my first purchase. The design... Read review

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3Maracello E Cigar Review

Maracello E Cigar Review

Maracello premium e-cigar is a good value for the price, it’s easy and affordable to purchase ... Read review

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4Smoketip Ecigar Review

Smoketip Ecigar Review

The SmokeTip ecigar is one of the best brands out there in the world of electric cigars.... Read review

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5Veppo E-cigar Review

Veppo E-cigar Review

Surprisingly, however, you won't feel like you're compromising when you use Veppo's disposable e-... Read review

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6Evoke eCigar Review

Evoke eCigar Review

Since it doesn't produce ash or smoke, your puffing experience is sure to be as perfect as it can ... Read review

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7E-Cigar King Review

E-Cigar King Review

The kit came in a nifty box and it truly is everything you need to start vaping cigars.... Read review

$89.993 Visit website
8Aristo Cigar Kit Review

Aristo Cigar Kit Review

The kit comes with a clearomizer with coil so the flavor is absorbed well and provides each puff ... Read review

$69.993 Visit website

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E-Cigar King Review

I used to smoke cigarettes but toned it down after using BLU e-cigarettes and I always wondered why no one developed an electronic cigar. When I am watching college football in my living room I enjoy an occasional cigar but it does not help that the smell lingers around and get complaints from my roommates.