Are Cigars as Dangerous as Cigarettes?

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Are Cigars as Dangerous as Cigarettes?

While the dangers of cigarettes are well-known, the dangers of cigars are discussed far less often. Many believe that since cigar smoke is not inhaled, cigars do not come with the negative health consequences that cigarettes do. The reality, however, is that smoking cigars has its own set of risks that must be considered.

What Studies Have Said About the Safety of Cigars

Since cigar smoke is not inhaled, it is correct to assume that cigars are generally safer than cigarettes. However, safer certainly does not mean safe.

Studies have shown that smoking cigars dramatically increases a person’s risk of contracting cancer of the oral cavity and cancer of the throat. While cigars may not present as much of a lung cancer risk as cigarettes, they do still increase your risk for lung cancer. Though you may not intend to inhale when you smoke a cigar, chances are you are inhaling more smoke than realize, especially if you smoke cigars on a regular basis.

Another concerning aspect of cigar smoke is the fact that it actually contains much more tar and toxins than cigarette smoke. During the fermentation process that cigars undergo, a high level of cancer-causing nitrosamines are produced. Because of the way cigars burn compared to cigarettes, more toxins are present in the smoke as well.

Not inhaling the smoke is not enough to offset these high levels of tar and toxins, as you are still exposing your mouth, throat, and even lungs to the smoke.

A Safe Alternative

Regardless of whether or not you choose to continue smoking cigars, it would be a mistake to believe that cigars are completely safe. Thankfully, there is an alternative to smoking cigars that is completely safe – CUVANA E-cigars.

E-cigars produce a vapor that tastes just like a quality cigar without any of the harmful side-effects. Even if this vapor is inhaled, it is completely harmless.

If you are ready to give up the dangers associated with smoking cigars without having to give up the pleasure of enjoying the look, taste, and feel of a quality cigar, we invite you to give CUVANA a try today.






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