Aristo Cigar Kit Review


I found this website by typing “Electronic Cigar” on the web-browser and thought it was a very simple and clean website. There was not a lot of products so that was actually a positive for me because it was not overwhelming. Other sites sell all sorts of brands but it seems like Aristo blends the e-Juices themselves and also brands their batteries and starter kits. It is a smart concept in my opinion to bring people back to the site if they enjoy the product and e-Juice flavors. They have a tab for E-Cigar blog to learn more about the e-Cigar world and also have tutorials to help beginners.

I was debating if I should start off with the disposable e-Cigar or if I should purchase the full kit but I decided to go with the full kit because I know I am going to use it for a while and it was the price of three disposables. I think the disposable ones would be handy when traveling but so far I had no issues with the reusable one. The kit comes with a clearomizer with coil so the flavor is absorbed well and provides each puff with a bold rich taste. The battery is 900mAh (only one size it seems like) but I think it was the most appropriate size for an e-Cigar. One great aspect of this product is the texture. It actually looks and feels appropriate to an actual cigar. I think that was the selling point for me because I’ve tried e-Cigars that tasted great but looks and feel similar to a vape where people can smoke strawberry lemonade flavor and such.

Customer Service:

Once I placed the order I was told that the items will arrive within 2 business days. The package arrived in in 4 business days so I contacted Aristo Cigar and they politely refunded me the shipping price. I thought that was very professional and kind of them to provide that service. Overall I am satisfied with the products so far and will go back to get more e-Juices and filter.

Aristo Cigar Kit Review
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Summary: The kit comes with a clearomizer with coil so the flavor is absorbed well and provides each puff with a bold rich taste.



  1. Justin T said:

    The cigar is decent but the customer service here is non existent. My cigar broke after a month and I have been calling and emailing this company for weeks and no one ever answers or calls back. So if you get it just know that this will be it, you will get nothing else from anyone at this company. Very sad.

  2. Mark M said:

    A good product so far except the tips covering peels in a day. I tried contacting them via the support option on the website with no response. The number on the website is bogus. An email went unanswered. Buy at your own risk. I will try to get my credit card company to reverse the charge. Not just for the tips but also for no customer service. The product is not of quality promised. They just sell and run.