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Are Cigars as Dangerous as Cigarettes?

Are Cigars as Dangerous as Cigarettes?

Are Cigars as Dangerous as Cigarettes? While the dangers of cigarettes are well-known, the dangers of cigars are discussed far less often. Many believe that since cigar smoke is not inhaled, cigars do not come with the negative health consequences that cigarettes do. The reality, however, is that smoking cigars has its own set of

History of cigars

The Classy History of Cigars

Electronic cigars may be relatively new to the scene, but the history and legacy which they are building on is one that is long and renowned. The history of cigars started way back when the New World was first being discovered by Europeans. Natives on the islands in the Caribbean were the first to smoke

Maracello E Cigar Review

The Maracello e-cigar from Antonio Villard is a premium rechargeable cigar that uses refill cartridges, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of measuring and refilling with e-cigar juice — the work is already done for you. It’s also a very realistic and impressively large e cigar: The Maracello has a ring size

Switching from Cigars to E-Cigars

Switching from Cigars to E-Cigars

If you’re a cigar aficionado considering making the switch to electronic cigars, there are a few things you’ll want to expect. Most of the differences between E-cigars and traditional cigars end up being advantages for E-cigars, but still, it might take a little time getting used to the differences. To help you out, here are

Apollo Ecigar Review

If you’re looking for a solid-built e-cigar, Apollo makes this an easy choice. It meets every standard you could want in a quality electronic cigar, and it ranks among the best ones I’ve ever sampled.   Thanks to the bold, flavorful throat hit and powerful battery, the Apollo is the ideal e-cigar for anyone who

Electronic Cigar Info

E-cigars are relative newcomers to the electronic cigarette market. The biggest difference between an electronic cigar and a real one is the notable lack of that all-permeating stench. E-cigars look and feel just like real Cuban cigars and allow you to once again savor a fine cigar during a poker game. Electronic cigars have some

Evoke E-Cigar Review

The newest addition to the world of electronic cigars is The Traditional Cuban by Evoke. This stogie is ready to be used as soon as you open the package. It really makes an impression due to the realistic wrapper that’s made from paper instead of plastic, and because the sensation of the e-cigar in your hand