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CUVANA E-Cigar Review

CUVANA E-Cigar Review

The CUVANA electronic cigar is the strongest option available in the market today—a must try for those looking for an eCigar. Everything about it ranging from the taste, look, feel, and smoke mirrors your everyday cigar but allows for tremendous flexibility. No tobacco, tar, or cigar smell while still receiving a great Cuban cigar taste.

Aristo Cigar Kit Review

Introduction: I found this website by typing “Electronic Cigar” on the web-browser and thought it was a very simple and clean website. There was not a lot of products so that was actually a positive for me because it was not overwhelming. Other sites sell all sorts of brands but it seems like Aristo blends

Smoketip E-Cigar Review

$19.95 for one disposable cigar Free shipping on orders over $59 The SmokeTip ecigar is a decent product in the world of electric cigars. Although eCigs and vapes have taken the world by storm, SmokeTip eCigar’s are a standout for anyone who enjoys the taste of nicotine and strong smoke. Each eCigar is $19.95 and

E-Cigar King Review

I used to smoke cigarettes but toned it down after using BLU e-cigarettes and I always wondered why no one developed an electronic cigar. When I am watching college football in my living room I enjoy an occasional cigar but it does not help that the smell lingers around and get complaints from my roommates.

Maracello E Cigar Review

The Maracello e-cigar from Antonio Villard is a premium rechargeable cigar that uses refill cartridges, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of measuring and refilling with e-cigar juice — the work is already done for you. It’s also a very realistic and impressively large e cigar: The Maracello has a ring size

Apollo Ecigar Review

If you’re looking for a solid-built e-cigar, Apollo makes this an easy choice. It meets every standard you could want in a quality electronic cigar, and it ranks among the best ones I’ve ever sampled.   Thanks to the bold, flavorful throat hit and powerful battery, the Apollo is the ideal e-cigar for anyone who

Evoke E-Cigar Review

The newest addition to the world of electronic cigars is The Traditional Cuban by Evoke. This stogie is ready to be used as soon as you open the package. It really makes an impression due to the realistic wrapper that’s made from paper instead of plastic, and because the sensation of the e-cigar in your hand

Veppo Ecigar Review

These days, if you try smoking a cigar in a public place, you’re going to make people angry. While the aroma of a real Cohiba is considerably more enjoyable than the smell of a cigarette, it still contributes to second-hand smoke, which is now viewed as the serious public health threat du jour. Naturally, that