CUVANA E-Cigar Review


The CUVANA electronic cigar is the strongest option available in the market today—a must try for those looking for an eCigar. Everything about it ranging from the taste, look, feel, and smoke mirrors your everyday cigar but allows for tremendous flexibility. No tobacco, tar, or cigar smell while still receiving a great Cuban cigar taste. It also allows for you to smoke with flexibility—on the go while at a variety of public places. The Cuvana is a disposable eCigar that has great durability (1,800 puffs) and longevity—while giving a powerful smoke and cigar taste. It comes ready to smoke—no set-up necessary. It is a full length eCigar with an orange tip LED ash color that is a must try at a reasonable $29.95.


The CUVANA provides 1,800 puffs while providing a clean Cuban flavor. Nicotine levels come in 0mg, 12mg, and 18mg and comes ready to go once opening the box. No set-up, charging, or user guide needed. Simple as that. It is perfect for someone new to the world of electronic cigars because of its ease of use—but has the authenticity that an experienced cigar user can enjoy.

The CUVANA gives a clean sweet taste with its Cuban flavor and provides ample vapor and aroma. It gives out a nice aroma with every puff and provides excellent convenience. The vapor is good but maybe not the strongest you’ll find on the market.


Personally, as an avid vaper, you can’t beat taking out the Cuvana on the special occasions. With the 0, 12, and 18mg increments, you can have the range that fits you perfectly. With the quality of CUVANA, and the range of nicotine, it doesn’t get better. Personally, I love the zero nicotine and 12mg levels. I find the 12mg Cuvana perfect on those days I want a small buzz while the 0mg cigar is great when I want the cigar smoke and feel while trying to cut back on nicotine. I also share them with my friends who aren’t smokers and want to share in the experience of smoking a cigar. Perfect for indoors, the golf course, and while watching sporting events with friends.

Overall, the Cuvana’s combination of flavor, convenience and durability make it a must-try for any novice or pro. The closest thing to a real cigar without many of the hassles. A great value at the price. I would highly, definitely recommend!

Cuvana Electronic Cigar Breakdown:
(Individual Cuvana Cigar)

 Disposable Electronic Cigar (1,800 puffs)

0mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg nicotine levels

– LED Tip: Orange

– Flavor: Cuban (sweet)

– Price: $29.95 (Currently On Sale)


– Premium Quality Product
– Diverse nicotine levels (0mg, 12mg, 18mg)
– Great style



  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
$21.95 to $29.95
  • 100%

Summary: The CUVANA electronic cigar is currently the best e-cigar available—a must try!


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    So what is better? Rechargeable e cigars or disposable e cigars? I was looking for a rechargeable to be honest. I have tried disposable… they all seem the same.

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