E-Cigar King Review

I used to smoke cigarettes but toned it down after using BLU e-cigarettes and I always wondered why no one developed an electronic cigar. When I am watching college football in my living room I enjoy an occasional cigar but it does not help that the smell lingers around and get complaints from my roommates. I was curious and typed “e-cigars” on the web browser and came across vapor4life. The great part about this website is that not only do they have e-cigars, they have e-cigarettes, vape starter kits and many more. This might become a one stop shop for me considering they have same day shipping Monday through Friday before 4:00PM CST.

The tab “E CIGARS” is where I went to right away and they had something called “E Cigar King Starter Kit” originally priced at $189.99 but it was on sale for $89.99. The package included a battery, USB charger, wall adapter, car adapter, and 3 e-juices (Ligero, Maduro, and Cubana Blend). I did some comparison with other websites but no one was cheaper than vapor4life. The battery is top notch and long lasting powerful vape. They come in two color (black and cigar) along with two battery sizes (900mAh and 1300mAh) but I went with black 1300mAh. The kit came in a nifty box and it truly is everything you need to start vaping cigars. I inhale cigars and this product duplicates the rich heavy smoke of an actual cigar like McCoy! The e-juice blends are spot on. The carts being a hassle to refill is the only critique I can give the e-Cigar King.

I would say this became a much cheaper habit than real cigars. I actually bought a real stick last week because I was out of town with few friends but I couldn’t help but think how much of a hassle the ash and keeping an even burn was compared to the e-Cigar I had at home. As many people say, you can never replace a fancy real stick cigar, but this system helps keep more occasional smoke instead of an every-other-day type of deal. You should look out for a promo code because it can take $27.00 off the total which is a huge help. Shipping price is $6.95 USPS Priority mail. It arrived to me in 2 days. Overall great purchase and they provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Starter kit
Large setup (adapter, car adapter)


– Feels “Electronic” in nature rather than a cigar
– Set up required
– Price

E-Cigar King Review
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  • E-Cigar King Review
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  • Last modified: August 3, 2017

Summary: The kit came in a nifty box and it truly is everything you need to start vaping cigars.


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  1. Josh Allen said:

    I like your comments about it. However all the images and descriptions I can find in the king make it look more like a metal e cigarette and nothing close to the appearance and feel of a cigar. Can you provide more review pictures of your unit