Electronic Cigar Guide

Electronic cigars are relative newcomers to the e-cig market. The biggest difference between tobacco cigars and the electronic variety is that, unlike the real deal, e-cigars won’t produce an overpowering stench. These new vaping options are designed to feel and look like a genuine Cuban cigar without all of the unpleasantness. This makes it possible to once again enjoy a good cigar during a poker game or with a Scotch on the rocks. If you like smoking cigars, you’ll like e-cigars for their more enjoyable overall experience.

E-Cigar Guide

When you first get your e-cigar, you’ll probably notice right away that the packaging and wrapper look very realistic. Many manufacturers are willing to make a larger investment in designing an authentic-looking product. Everything about the e-cigar, from its packaging, the texture of its paper and the way it feels in your hand, is carefully crafted to achieve the most authentic appearance possible. When viewing the e-cigar from even a few feet away, most people can’t even tell the difference between an electronic and real cigar. The only giveaway is that there’s no smoke, ash or foul odor.

A lot of e-cigars are disposable, but you can usually get several months of use from a single one. Many also feature an LED on the end that lights up with each draw. In e-cigars, this tip is normally situated behind a special screen in order to best imitate the appearance of real cigar ashes. Another good choice is to buy a normal e-cig and try a cigar-flavored liquid with it. If you don’t enjoy it, you can try another flavor without buying another e-cig.

If anything has made e-cigars popular, it’s the fact that people can now enjoy a cigar in a group or public setting without bothering anyone else. In most cases, the only person who likes the smell of a cigar is the person who is smoking it. The days when you could enjoy a real cigar without aggravating other bar or casino patrons are long gone.

Taste and vapor production are the true measures of a good e-cig. Cigars possess an extremely pungent aroma and flavor and create enormous clouds of smoke. It only makes sense for e-cigar manufacturers to try to recreate this experience right down to the size of the “smoke” cloud.

The process of smoking a tobacco cigar is different, so e-cigars should be able to mimic that. Good ones will give you a potent cigar flavor while the people around you won’t be able to detect it. Most e-cigars offer authentic flavors that astonish new users with their similarity to a real cigar.

If you want to have a truly superior vaping experience, it’s important for each component of an e-cigar to be made well, and the liquids should offer the same taste and mouth feel as the real thing. That said, it should also leave anyone who uses it feeling impressed and satisfied. There are a number of e-cigars on the market that we’ll review. The flavor and tastes really vary so it definitely depends on your preference. Pricing is pretty similar so our suggestion is to check out the various e-cigars we’ll review. We’ll give you our preference but would love to hear what you guys think!