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E-cigars are relative newcomers to the electronic cigarEcigar Infoette market. The biggest difference between an electronic cigar and a real one is the notable lack of that all-permeating stench. E-cigars look and feel just like real Cuban cigars and allow you to once again savor a fine cigar during a poker game. Electronic cigars have some high standards to live up to. After all, the average cigar aficionado isn’t going to be easily convinced. The first time I bought an e-cigar, I immediately noticed how realistic the package and wrapper looked.

A lot of e-cigar manufacturers are willing to spend a little more to give their products the most realistic look possible before they even come out of the packaging. Even the device’s weight distribution and the texture of the paper wrapper helped to create a striking facsimile of the real thing. From a few feet away, it’s nearly impossible to tell whether it’s a genuine cigar or an e-cigar. The only feature that sets them apart is the distinct lack of ashes and smoke. They’re outfitted with an screen-covered LED tip, which appropriately imitates the burning end on a real cigar. E-cigars are growing in popularity primarily because they allow you to smoke a cigar without offending other people. The smell is typically only enjoyed by the person smoking it.

While it would be great to indulge in a real tobacco cigar indoors during a poker game or at the bar, those times are long gone. The truest measure of an e-cigarette’s worth, of course, is the vapor and flavor test. Cigars create an enormous quantity of smoke, and the flavor and aroma are highly distinctive.

It follows that an electronic cigar would have to recreate as much of the experience of the real thing as possible, including large amounts of vapor and flavor. Manufacturers must take into account the unique way that cigars are smoked and incorporate this into their e-cigars. A quality e-cigar should give the user a potent flavor, but no one else in the room should smell a thing. I’ve been stunned by the realistic flavors that are detectable in both my mouth and nose when I use an electronic cigar. In fact, many of these taste just like the genuine article.

So you can avoid the disappointment that comes with a cheap imitation, it’s recommended to choose an electronic cigar in the mid to high price range. Only with quality components and liquids can you expect to come anywhere near the sensation and taste of an old-fashioned, hand-rolled cigar. However, a quality e-cigar is likely to satisfy and impress almost anyone who uses it.


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  1. Vapor Pearl said:

    Hi – I live in UK and am trying to identify a flavour I was given to try by a total stranger whilst we waited for a train. I remembered the Alice in Vapeland brand but the flavour isn’t one I can identify from your listed products on the site. The taste was subtle rose and very much like Turkish Delight – is that the 11th Rose flavour which is mentioned in the comments above but not listed as a current product?