Enjoying Both Cigars and E-Cigars

Cigars and E-Cigars

Most often, E-cigars are used to replace cigars and other tobacco products, and there are a variety of reasons why a person would want to make the switch. However, that doesn’t mean that E-cigars and traditional cigars can’t both be enjoyed in tandem.

Buying an E-cigar will allow you to enjoy the flavor and the nicotine much more safely with no mess and no odor. For these reasons, E-cigars can be enjoyed much more frequently. If anything, this makes smoking a normal cigar from time to time all the more enjoyable. You can keep a few, high-quality cigars around for special occasions and enjoy your E-cigar at any other time.

The biggest danger that smoking poses is frequency of use. By only smoking cigars on rare occasions and using an E-cigar the rest of the time, you can all but eliminate the danger of cigars without having to give them up entirely. Best of all, the experience you get from a quality E-cigar will be so close to that of a traditional cigar that it won’t feel like you are giving them up at all.

For those who have grown to love cigars but do not enjoy their consequences, this is the perfect compromise. Far from being at odds, cigars and E-cigars go hand in hand, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both, especially if you do it responsibly.


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