How to Evaluate the Quality of an Electronic Cigar

How to Evaluate the Quality of an Electronic Cigar

With E-cigars being so new to the market, you may ask yourself how do you evaluate the quality of one when you receive it? What factors set a great E-cigar apart from an okay one? Listed below are some of the factors that we look at when we’re reviewing an E-cigar. Use them in your own evaluations to determine which E-cigars you enjoy the most.

Fullness of the Draw

Fullness of the draw is a measure of how much vapor an E-cigar puts out. Generally, the more vapor the it produces the better since more vapor allows you to experience the flavor more strongly, do more smoke tricks, and receive more nicotine per puff.


Flavor is ultimately a personal preference, but it should certainly be considered when you are evaluating the quality of an E-cigar. Electronic cigars come in a wide variety of flavors. Some E-cigars are made to taste like authentic cigars, while others may have a sweeter or more fruity flavor.


An E-cigar’s lifespan is measured in how many puffs you can take on it before it runs out, and most electronic cigars will tell you upfront how many puffs to expect. Of course, the actual number of puffs you get out of an E-cigar will vary depending on the size of the puffs you take, but the listed number should always be in the ballpark at least.


The appearance and presentation of an E-cigar are important. After all, one of the reasons people enjoy cigars is because of the way they look and their association with class and sophistication. Therefore, when evaluating an E-cigar it’s worth taking into account how authentic and eye-catching it looks. Unless you never plan on smoking an E-cigar in public, appearance does matter.


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