Maracello E Cigar Review

Maracello Cigar

The Maracello e-cigar from Antonio Villard is a premium rechargeable cigar that uses refill cartridges, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of measuring and refilling with e-cigar juice — the work is already done for you. It’s also a very realistic and impressively large e cigar: The Maracello has a ring size of 54.

The Maracello comes boxed in luxury packaging, so it’s ready to impress right from the start. The Maracello e cigar kit comes with the cigar unit itself, a charging system that lets you charge your e-cigar by either plugging it into the wall or using the USB port on your computer, and two e juice cartridges that each deliver about 6-8 cigars’ worth of enjoyment.

Antonio Villard’s Maracello e cigar gets a lot of good reviews because it is such a realistic, easy-vaping device but at the same time is more socially acceptable than the real thing. Customers who use the Maracello often appreciate that you can get replacement mouthpieces, but commonly wish that the cartridges came in more e juice flavors for a bit more variety. However, you can’t argue with the nicotine level of the cartridges: it’s a generously high 24 mg.

The Maracello has a glowing red tip — there are no other colors available at this time — and this adds to the authentic look and feel of this premium e-cigar. This e cigar consistently gets good reviews for its smooth draw and the high amount of vapor it produces — giving it the flavor and mouthfeel of a fine cigar without the smoke.

Once you’ve bought the Maracello kit, which is a good value for the price, it’s easy and affordable to purchase refill cartridges. Cigar smokers don’t see the Maracello premium e-cigar as a replacement for the fine cigars in their humidors so much as a more portable and socially acceptable option.

Overall, the Maracello premium e-cigar is great for cigar aficionados whose friends and family don’t appreciate cigars as much as they do! You get the flavor and enjoyment of a hand-rolled cigar without having to go out in the cold.

Maracello E Cigar Review
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Summary: Maracello premium e-cigar is a good value for the price, it’s easy and affordable to purchase refill cartridges