PRESIDENTE Electronic Cigar Review


I have tried many types of e-Cigars on the market but this simply blew me away to the point I ordered 3 more since my first purchase a year ago. The design of the Presidente was simple and clean with a light brown tone in a clean wrapping. The style is almost identical looking as a Gurkha Ancient Warrior Presidente Cigar but a bit lighter with no vein. An actual Presidente Cigar has a snug draw with a low production smoke. The tobacco flavor is very dry and flavor is subtle to the point I did not feel much satisfaction. I enjoyed the Presidente e-Cigar a lot more because the smoke production was twice as better than the actual cigar and the flavor was more rich with a slight sweetness with every draw.


Instant and ready to go. I loved it. The packaging has a nice black box, tall and skinny. Almost follows the form of the cigar itself. Once I opened it, it was READY. No building kits, charging, or complex batteries. This eCigar was ready to go within 30 seconds. No hassle. From the first puff, to the last, it’s as convenient as can be.

Flavor & Usage

The Presidente e-Cigar provides bold flavor up to 1,800 puffs per unit. I believe others have a similar  puffs per unit range but I found The Presidente e-Cigar longer lasting compared to other e-Cigars that I have tried. I found the vapor production just as good as any other brands rechargeable e-Cigar. The only option that was given for this product was the 12mg and it actually worked out for me because it was the perfect amount to satisfy my needs. The disposable design allows the product to be hassle free and extremely convenient at any given time. I find it most convenient inside my house and traveling for work. The vapor is so smooth and clean that you won’t feel the negative effects that would linger around when smoking an actual cigar. Such as tobacco, tar, cigar smell and more. Same rich and full flavor without the downside!

Overall I found the disposable e-cigars better than the rechargeable ones that are out on the market. I personally feel that the pre-built disposable e-cigar has a better taste to it as for someone trying to fill it with e-Liquid or a different cartridge. I feel that this was made perfectly especially with the 12mg nicotine strength. There is no hassle trying to carry around an extra filter or e-Liquid.

There is also a 10-pack ‘Presidente’ disposable e-Cigar available for $199.00. If you are a regular cigar smoker like myself, I would invest in this package. I ordered 3 more since my first initial order but I found this product so great I will order the 10-pack after I finish 2 of the 3 from my last order. Highly recommended product to the whole vaping community. Perfect for hangouts, poker nights, and solo with a drink. Perfect disposable e-cigar!


– Great Price
– Longer lasting (1800-2000 puffs)
– Disposable, convenient


-Needs different mg levels

PRESIDENTE Electronic Cigar
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  • Rated 4.5 stars
$19.00 to $19.00
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Summary: The Presidente simply blew me away to the point I ordered 3 more since my first purchase. The design of The Presidente was simple and clean