Smoketip E-Cigar Review

$19.95 for one disposable cigar
Free shipping on orders over $59

The SmokeTip ecigar is a decent product in the world of electric cigars. Although eCigs and vapes have taken the world by storm, SmokeTip eCigar’s are a standout for anyone who enjoys the taste of nicotine and strong smoke.

Each eCigar is $19.95 and comes in two flavors—the Cuban and Havana. Each SmokeTip cigar gives you over 1,000 puffs, or the amount that about 12 actual cigars get you. Each cigar has about 18mg of nicotine, and definitely has a powerful vapor. After it’s done, you simply dispose, and move on! Extremely convenient for someone who want a durable and powerful eCigar.

It has a great design with the cigar slightly thinner than your average cigar. It’s a nice color with the appearance of a Colorado-brown wrapping–and of course lights up on the tip with every puff. The feel on your hands feels just like your typical parejo. I wouldn’t alter it in any form.

I ordered one cigar—the Havana flavor at $19.95. The SmokeTip provides great vapor that allows for a strong puff. It really hits you like a real cigar with a strong vapor. For those who want something as close to a real cigar as possible–this is it. The Havana was excellent with a milder taste that was sweeter than your average cigar. It tasted very natural considering its electric. I didn’t count how many puffs I got, but it has great durability and a strong puff.

Another pro being the ability to smoke almost anywhere without the smoke and smoke smell. I was able to smoke at multiple areas without any complaints or issues.

I received my disposable cigar very quickly, in about 4 work days. SmokeTip guaranteed processing all orders within 24 hours, and averages arrival on average in three business days.

SmokeTip provides free shipping on orders over $59. Simply order three disposable SmokeTip cigars, and you are in the clear!

SmokeTip also has a reward system in which you earn points for every order your purchase. Points can get you free products ranging from a SmokeTip cleaning kit—to a electronic cigar at just 399 points.
I’ve made an account and plan to buy a few more cigars and try out the Cuban flavor. I definitely recommend them!

Smoketip Ecigar Review
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Summary: The SmokeTip ecigar is one of the best brands out there in the world of electric cigars.