Starting an E-Cigar Collection

E-Cigar collection

Collecting is one of the many joys associated with cigar smoking, and no matter how full your humidor is, there will always be more cigars made all over the world that you can add to your collection. In the same way, collecting E-cigars can be an enjoyable hobby as well.

The Benefits of Collecting Electronic Cigars

One of the benefits of collecting E-cigars over traditional cigars is that actually trying out the E-cigar does not remove it from your collection. It’s hard to keep a cigar as part of your collection if you light it up. E-cigars, on the other hand, do not burn down or change their appearance in any way after you use them. This enables you to keep a great looking collection that you can actually enjoy.

Having a wide range of E-cigars around also gives you plenty of options as to which one you want to enjoy. You can try out a new E-cigar each night or try multiple ones in the same sitting. You can even share them with your friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts. Keeping a collection of E-cigars around certainly gives you plenty of options.

Of course, right now there aren’t yet as many different kinds of E-cigars on the market as there are traditional cigars, but there is certainly enough available to get a collection started, and as the E-cigar market continues to grow your collection can grow as well.


If cigar enthusiasts can enjoy collecting cigars then E-cigar enthusiasts can certainly enjoy collecting electronic cigars as well. So long as you keep trying out new E-cigars, you’ll have a nice collection going in little time at all.


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