Switching from Cigars to E-Cigars

Switching from Cigars to E-Cigars

If you’re a cigar aficionado considering making the switch to electronic cigars, there are a few things you’ll want to expect. Most of the differences between E-cigars and traditional cigars end up being advantages for E-cigars, but still, it might take a little time getting used to the differences. To help you out, here are three key differences to consider when switching from cigars to E-cigars.

Less Expensive

Since E-cigars last so much longer than a traditional cigar yet still cost about the same, the money you’ll end up saving by switching to E-cigars is significant. Granted, like with traditional cigars, the price of E-cigars can vary greatly depending on the brand you choose. On average, however, you will almost certainly find that E-cigars are much more affordable.

Less Variety

Since cigars have been around for centuries compared to only a few years for E-cigars, it’s natural that there aren’t yet quite as many options to choose from as you may be used to with traditional cigars. Even still, this point is only half true since it’s much easier to control and vary the flavor of an E-cigar. While you may find that you have less E-cigar brands to choose from you may also find that you have an exposure to a wider variety of flavors than you had with traditional cigars.

Better Health

The fact that E-cigars have no known serious side-effects is the number one reason most cigar smokers choose the make the switch. Compared to cigars which have been shown to cause mouth and throat cancer, asthma, and more, E-cigars are practically harmless. Not only this, but E-cigars are also better for the health of the environment since they cause less pollution. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your own health as well as the health of the people around you, switching to E-cigars is an excellent option to consider.


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