Will E-Cigars set off a Smoke Alarm?

Smoke Alarm

Accidently setting off a smoke alarm is certainly not any fun, especially if you are in a public place or have neighbors nearby. It’s a reasonable concern, then, to wonder whether or not the vapor from E-cigars will set off a smoke alarm. While it’s not likely, it is possible in the right circumstances.

How Smoke Detectors Work

There are a variety of different smoke detectors and fire alarms, and each one works in a different way. Only one type of these smoke detectors, though, can actually be set of by vapor.

The most common type of smoke detector works by using optics to detect obstructions in the air in front of it. If the air is filled with smoke, the detector’s optics will be obstructed and the alarm will go off. Likewise, though, if you obstruct the detector by throwing a bag of flour in the air or blowing a thick cloud of vapor on it, it will go off. However, it takes a lot of vapor being blown directly on the detector to set it off, so you would almost have to be trying to set it off with an E-cigar for it to actually go off.

The other two types of smoke detectors and fire alarms work either by detecting heat or CO2, and vapor will not set off either of these types of smoke detectors.


For the most part, setting off a smoke detector or fire alarm with your E-cigar isn’t too big of a concern. Vapor dissipates so quickly that it won’t build up enough of an obstruction in front of an optical detector unless you are blowing the vapor directly on the detector. For the other two types of alarms, you couldn’t set them off with an E-cigar if you wanted to.

If you’re worried about it at all, simply avoid sitting directly under a smoke detector. Do this and you can rest assured that the fire trucks won’t be rolling up on your location the next time you pull out your E-cigar.


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